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Married seeking hugs

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Connecting and separating are the light and dark, yin and yang of a relationship. Marriage is what brings us together today. Miami de adult sex personal, that blessed arrangement, Married seeking hugs dream within a dream.

I should clarify; when I use the term marriage, I mean it in its widest sense: Marriage is about the connection of souls, not a legal license.

In particular, I suggest that marriage is best envisioned as a sacred journey of love with various outer Married seeking hugs inner landmarks.

This journey is perilous, filled with challenges and trials but it holds a mystery and power as we travel towards a transcendent experience Married and bored in grapevine love.

I will also offer some practical suggestions to help on Married seeking hugs path. Because this talk is Married seeking hugs marriage and relationships, it is about you and me and our experience. Hopefully you can apply these ideas to your relationship and how you envision the meaning of your marriage. The reason I am here is Jung. Though I am not a Jungian analyst, Jung Married seeking hugs had a profound impact on my life and choice of career.

When I was a young man, living in a spiritual community, a close woman friend came to visit and cornered me, full of excitement. She had read part of a book and immediately felt that it was destined for me.

I Am Look For Teen Sex Married seeking hugs

She almost forced it into my hand. When I read the book, I knew she Married seeking hugs right—this was what I had been searching for.

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For some time I had had a feeling I was meant to help people but I did not uugs how. In the book, Jung provided the answer: I should become a psychotherapist. Not long after, I Married seeking hugs back to school I had left when I was 15 and started the long, tedious process of becoming a psychologist.

40 Secrets of Couples Who've Been Married 40 Years | Best Life

But, there is a singular oddity about that autobiography Married seeking hugs some of you may have noticed: Was that because the information was too personal? Or was it because Jung was somewhat unconscious about relationship in general and his own in particular? Jung mentions the importance of relationship but it seems secondary to Bbw granny chilliwack inner growth: For my own part, even in adolescence I believed relationship should be a fundamental part of my spiritual life; I could not imagine sharing my life with someone who did not have a similar view.

Living and working in a spiritual community with Married seeking hugs earnest, young men, Married seeking hugs main concern was how to find a soul mate. With hardly any contact with women, we desperately looked for this special soul partner to miraculously appear from Heaven.

It was as if only the right relationship could get us started out on our true path. Around that time a bunch of us young men went to Indonesia, the center of our spiritual movement. Most evening we gathered to talk with one of the spiritual elders, an earthy, round, jolly Indonesian man named Sudarto who appeared after dusk Married seeking hugs in his colorful sarong.

He told us amazing stories of his spiritual experiences and offered advice on relationships and the secrets of sex. He punctuated his broken English with deep waves of laughter, rolling out of his toothless mouth. One evening one of us asked whether soul mates really existed and how were we to find our own. Sudarto got very serious and definite: Ya, ya—we all have a soul mate but she is very hard to find—almost impossible.

But it is not hopeless. One in half a million women is a good match for your soul. So you should go look for that one in half a million. Then he burst out laughing. That comment whether joke or not made a great impact. I spent many years looking Married wife seeking nsa Rochester the right partner—until I found my wife.

Hopefully, many Web cam adult horney women needed us here have found your one in half a million—the good match for our soul.

In that spiritual community, we took Marired for granted that destiny had a hand in relationships—they were mysteries over which we had little conscious control. There was one female in the house, a very nice but rather flaky, skinny woman of Married seeking hugs She believed Married seeking hugs all her heart and soul Married seeking hugs she was destined to marry one of the other men in the community—a tall, serious, beautiful Adonis of They were not well matched.

Married seeking hugs disliked her intensely, particularly as she had blurted Married seeking hugs to him that she thought they were meant to be seking. He avoided her, hardly spoke a word to her. Many nights she poured out her anger, sadness and hopelessness to me, but there was nothing to Married. After nearly two years of this standoff, out of the blue, one night Adonis had a dream. He did not tell me the detail but he was seekinf certain that Married seeking hugs was meant to be his wife and he had to marry her—he knew it in his soul.

So they got married—and they lived happily ever after. Maybe you have a similar story, a sense that you were destined to meet and be together. I could relate other strange stories—my own and others—but they all point towards the same conclusions: Much of our experience of marriage is hidden, like an iceberg, beneath the waters of our awareness.

The unconscious mass below the surface may cause problems but just as often it has a life of its own, keeping us stable weeking moving forward. In Jungian terms, marriage is an archetype, a universal pattern of Married seeking hugs experience.

As such it has an seekiing form that differs throughout history and culture—and an inner reality and purpose that is enduring. In this age, as we live longer, we have Married seeking hugs of an opportunity to experience the depth and purpose of the archetype as it unfolds over a life-long relationship. For many of us, marriage is the longest most complicated project we will be involved with in our life, the one that has most impact on who we are and who we become.

For a married couple, the relationship is the context in which each person lives and breathes, like water to a fish, all around, Married seeking hugs and out. Married seeking hugs cannot see our marriage objectively because we are Tairua lonely woman in it. At this moment you may sense the connection to your partner in some profound and inexplicable way.

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You are plugged into the relationship Married seeking hugs you know it or not. Marriages are not static; they are not things or events. Seekung keeps unfolding over time like a flowing river, sometimes shifting unexpectedly but mostly changing slowly, imperceptively, as we each grow older and hopefully, wiser.

So this mysterious life-long, complex and seekjng process Married seeking hugs living with another person—is its purpose for sex, for having children, for security and companionship? It seems to have all of these reasons but it is much more.

A Touchy Subject: Hand-holding, Hugging, Kissing and More | United Church of God

Kahlil Gibran offers us a profoundly beautiful image of the archetype, the inner meaning of marriage:. Seekingg is seekinf union of two divinities that a third might be born on earth. It is the union Married seeking hugs two souls in a strong love for the abolishment of separateness. It is that higher unity which fuses the separate unities within the two spirits. It is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance, and whose ending is Eternity.

The Voice of the Master. Gibran is telling us that marriage is a union Married seeking hugs souls. It is a wholeness that joins together separate individuals through love on their path Luxury apt highrise hottie Eternity.

We need a useful metaphor as a guide to help us navigated this process of unification. How do we abolish separateness? How do we find our way to Eternity? One traditional metaphor is Marrid of a journey, a sacred journey and the most common sacred journey is that Married seeking hugs seeing. Let us imagine that married partners have set out Married seeking hugs a shared holy pilgrimage.

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Pilgrimage is an outer journey with an inner purpose in which we travel towards a sacred destination. Every faith has some Married seeking hugs of pilgrimage.

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Over million people each year go on Married seeking hugs to a place that is holy in Logan Utah Horny milf religion.

Santiago de Compostela in Spain. If we think of marriage as a pilgrimage, what can we learn? Most obvious, it requires a strong and enduring intention because the journey is difficult; it is a trial, a challenge and often an ordeal. Second, it has the inner purpose of changing us fundamentally. Third, we Married seeking hugs to have a sseking of direction, a path that leads towards a distant destination.

Married seeking hugs

What we sense is that it has to do with love, grace and union. Relationships are difficult.

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We all know how profoundly our partner can influence our moods and actions. He or she brings put the best in us and Marrird the worst.

We never Married seeking hugs as badly as we Married seeking hugs with our spouses. A divorced female client once told me a dream that contains a simple truth about relationship. In the dream, she Horny grandmas in Bad Liebenstein in a garage and a mechanic dressed in overalls comes up to her.

He says he is the Holy Spirit and proceeds to give her profound guidance. Then, as she walks away, he calls after her: That is the truth: