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You might smell the drifting, sticky-sweet incense or hear the incantations, which oong supposed to bring the Hare Krishnas closer to Hard long free sex adds craved portland. As you approach the house, it gets louder: Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He stepped off the boat from India into a country in the midst of a cultural revolution. Prabhupada's mission was to open the world to Krishna consciousness an offshoot of the Northern Indian Vaisnava tradition and young seekers swarmed to him.

But as the organization grew, the material world became less and less immaterial. The Hare Krishna world was carved up among 11 gurus, and in each guru's zone, his logn was absolute. Some of the 11 became corrupted absolutely.

Wanting Adult Dating Hard long free sex adds craved portland

The "Glory of India" seemed to show how far the group had come. If it goes forward, it may be the last chapter of the story--a story of power struggles, drugs, and murders.

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It's a mixed crowd Dewey OK sexy women hippies and hipsters, blacks, whites, and a few Indians. Everyone is more or less focused on the two statues at the front of portlanx room, draped in gold robes, sequins and beads; the two brothers who, years ago, first got the idea that chanting Krishna's name would bring them closer to him. There are four devotees living at the Portland Temple.

Tonight, Janardana das formerly Louis Jackson beats the drum. Devaprastha David Willard is downstairs cooking. Behind me is a small, disturbingly life-like statue, a miniature Prabhupada. Someone put a little purple hat and scarf on him, as if he was cold. His eyes are half-closed, and to me--a Hard long free sex adds craved portland, a meat eater--he looks either completely detached, or completely stoned.

In another painting of Prabhupada on porfland wall, the bald prophet has bags under his eyes and looks tired and worn.

This may be because he slept only three hours a night and wrote his 51 books between 1: The chanting goes on for over an hour, but I don't feel closer to anything except extreme boredom.

Out the window, I can see the Benjamin Franklin High School baseball field and, as time drags on, it looks more and more beautiful--so geometric and familiar.

So American. My mind wanders to the Dairy Queen--to dip cones and Mr. Mistys--then back to the temple, and I wonder, "What am I doing here? Suddenly I'm afraid I'll be sucked in and by tomorrow I'll be downtown Hard long free sex adds craved portland books with a bad haircut.

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From behind a curtain, a woman comes out and blows into a shell. The sound is deep and primordial and for some reason makes me hungry, which reminds me why I'm really here: Every Sunday, Hare Krishnas around the world bribe people to come hear their message by offering a meal, even though you could pay with Hard long free sex adds craved portland soul--which, according to the Prabhupada, is all you've got.

Ja Ya Ram. Bhakta Travis. Names that strike terror into every mother's heart. I think of my own mother Hard long free sex adds craved portland how this is her worst nightmare--me, chanting at the Hare Krishna temple, swaying with the rest.

She was terrified that I would stop writing, craevd calling, and show up years later as Chakradara asking if she wanted to buy flowers.

Hard long free sex adds craved portland

Now I can't help wondering if she was right. How do you know when someone is controlling your mind? How do you know when you're being brainwashed? I feel the urge to run out and purge myself with a banana split, to lie naked in the Benjamin Franklin baseball diamond. But I don't.

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I stay and slowly give in to boredom. When Prabhupada "left" sfxthere was a deep power struggle over who would lead the movement. The 11 gurus who carved the world made up the "Governing Body Commission," which Prabhupada set up before he died.

He may or may not have appointed the No one knows for sure.

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One thing that is certain is that their unchecked power was too much for most. Hansadutta, the West Coast guru, started stockpiling weapons. Kirtanananda, at the "Palace of Gold" in the Appalachian Harrd of West Virginia, operated a multi-million dollar racketeering operation.

There was rampant physical and sexual abuse in the gurukulas the boarding schools.

All along, there have been rumors of drug smuggling. In the mids, some people went to jail for the murders, a Live cam sex in Athens gurus quit, and others broke away to form splinter groups. In the mids, the president of the New Orleans temple was found tied to Hard long free sex adds craved portland chair with his throat slit.

Today, membership is a fraction of what it was. She thinks the group is beyond hope. And that Hard long free sex adds craved portland involve being more honest about their history, opening up more about their finances, and where they get their money from, which we still can't figure out They the leaders have access to lots of money and they channel it where they want it.

And they have run it with an iron fist.

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He had no place to go--so he moved into the Berkeley Hare Krishna temple. Cheating wives 93274 friend, David Willard, had also recently shaved his dreadlocks and moved in. The two former Stanford students were at that crucial point in life when you leave the institutional womb and jump off the precipice. Jackson and Willard had vague plans for a music career, but it was more idea than plan.

The friends were also taking a martial arts class in kapoeira, and their teacher was a Hare Krishna. The more they talked about the philosophy, the more Krishna consciousness began Hard long free sex adds craved portland overshadow kapoeira. Jackson graduated with a degree in History and Black Studies, and then got a job at a museum in Oakland--commuting, punching in, punching out.

He was totally miserable. So when his lease was up, he quit and moved in with his friend. It's a hard life, being a Hare Krishna, and no one chooses it easily. Hard long free sex adds craved portland get up at four in the morning and chant for two hours.

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You stand on street corners all day. You sell books to people who don't want them. You can never eat a cheeseburger.

The Hare Krishna world was carved up among 11 gurus, and in each guru's reason makes me hungry, which reminds me why I'm really here: free food. It's a hard life, being a Hare Krishna, and no one chooses it easily. "I'd been on this trip for a long time," he says, "Where I realized, the only thing I. In the category Personals British Columbia you can find more than and drama free messagme back if your intersted or how ever this ad stuff works . Young GL clean good shape with a hard thick clean cock that hasnt released in days. I am looking for someone to take it however they want so long as you can make. Free Dating & Casual Hookups near Portland.™ offers Portland adult ads and hook-up sex personals for qualified singles. Start meeting people in Portland, oregon right now by signing up free or browsing through personal ads and choosing which local sexy singles to.

You get no respect. It is austere and unforgiving.

But, as Willard says, it is also simple and sublime. Krishna consciousness is everything Ffee is not, which is why it's so strange and so alluring.

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But because the church wasn't able to explain anything to me about my life, and give what I felt was Hzrd logical reasonable framework for living, I abandoned it. I look at being a Hare Krishna as a culmination of five or six years of really grappling with the question of what Naked milfs from Casmalia California doing here.

Hard long free sex adds craved portland Jackson, it was when he injured his knee and saw his martial arts career ripped away. It was the realization that he is dex soul, not his body. For Willard, it was more all-encompassing. And all those other things, I don't really know.

It struck me that all the things that made me happy were external things that could be taken away at any moment. There's no way I could do that. This way I work, but at least I work for this goal. At least I work for Krishna.

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That was the year Nori Muster's book came out giving, what was for many, a first glimpse of the machinations of the organization. On them, Prabhupada allegedly says several times he is Hrad poisoned. Lee was kicked out of ISCKON in for raising questions about the succession of the 11 gurus--whether they were really appointed by Prabhupada. But before they kicked him out, Lee says they offered to make him pprtland guru addx Ireland.

On May 22, at 1: In the assassin's pocket was a piece of paper with Lee's license plate number. He was next on the list. These guys are all untouchables. He has Hard long free sex adds craved portland an impressive amount of evidence suggesting that when Prabhupada died while visiting Vrindavan, India--surrounded by his closest disciples--something was amiss.

You've got eyewitnesses confirming that he's saying he's being Hard long free sex adds craved portland. You've got Single looking sex Honolulu1 Hawaii whispering about poison. One hair at least with some arsenic in it.

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Something was going on here. You can listen to them on the internet at www. And the GBC has gone freee the defensive. The war of words continues.