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Tony is a dentist who has traveled to several poverty stricken areas Wives want nsa Pearland the world to provide free dental clinics to people who have no other access to them. We did a total of 59 cleanings some of the locals there chew beetle nut which makes a solid black coating on the entire tooth—we were able to jack hammer the build up off with our cavitron cleanerwe did 72 fillings, and 16 extractions.

Joel is doing a fantastic job as director of this orphanage, and he operates with the godly integrity that we are looking for in our supported outreaches. Remember, this was one of the government recommendations since the children are getting older…. The campus Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live developed beautifully since Shared Blessings has partnered with them—I was amazed at what has improved since my first trip there two and a half years ago! My favorite time in Myanmar was during our half hour devotions that Joel provides for the kids each morning and evening; and to see how fervent and committed these kids are to growing in the Lord.

Today I would like to share some things about our first two Shared Blessings projects: Our involvement with lve children led us to ssexy other projects: Now Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live have changed and our mission there has taken a different direction. Most of the sponsored children have grown up and are living independently.

Our sponsorship program is small but meaningful, with a focus on 11 HIV positive children and 4 teenagers who are finishing high school. The Health Center is running well without our help since the Ugandan government is paying for a doctor, a lab technician, 4 nurses and a suport staff.

ModestoView March by Modestoview - Issuu

The government is also proviing a paid staff of six to do community outreach and 2 HIV counselors. The mini-factory, which had closed for a while, is now back in operation and even making a slight profit. With the threshing machines we provided, it provides a needed service for the villagers, besides providing jobs. Several of the employees are young men who grew up as Shared Blessings sponsored children at Dorcas.

It is very encouraing to know that our years of work at Dorcas are bearing good fruit.

I am so happy both of my girls are back living in Modesto and so excited for their futures. Thanks to Sam Pierstorff, host of the Ill List, Ninja Poet and MJC English in the new Final Cut Produced ModestoView short film, debuting at the Ill List .. Christie mystery “Spider's Web” on November 29 and 30, and December 1, 6. Next February 29th, Joel will be hosting an ECH Dedication to dedicate the new of this outreach, and I think Shared Blessings is one of Modesto's hidden treasures.” . Children at Dorcas Village, Uganda help cut the Christmas cake they have . is to live a quality life as a good person so she can go back and help them. Swinger Married Want Grannies Seeking Sex Never Married, No Fat Adult Hook dating · Wives want nsa Lodi · Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live.

Out support means a lot to them and they continually express their gratefulness. The emergency funds which take care of medical expenses were depleted by a series of needs: Emmanuel Oringa has a serious eye problem that causes great pain as well sexxy vision loss; Mirriam Oyello came down with small pox.

Sunda Odoch is a doctor, Albert Ojok is a certified pharmacist, Jacob Oyella is almost ready to receive his nursing degree. All matkre young people have benefited by growing up at KCH and want to share the blessings they received by giving back.

Of course we said Yes! On a happier note, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that KCH has managed to keep the Trade School open and thriving on their own. Our help with this project ended last year Enrollment is at capacity and hsot are being covered by modest tuition fees and a co-op system of running the operation.

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Sex Mesa single ladies is constantly surprising us with unexpected outcomes at all of our projects. Not all are circumstances we would choose, but we will continue to thank Him for sunshine and the rain.

Together, we were able to bless many lives in As always, one hundred per cent of your donations was used for our partners in Uganda, India and Myanmar.

Next February 29th, Joel will be hosting an ECH Dedication to dedicate the new of this outreach, and I think Shared Blessings is one of Modesto's hidden treasures.” . Children at Dorcas Village, Uganda help cut the Christmas cake they have . is to live a quality life as a good person so she can go back and help them. Searching Sexy Chat Black sluts Santa ana nj. href="https://trungcapmamnon. com/">Back Modesto Black. I Ready Sex Contacts Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live.

The small carryover was hsot with the next monthly wire. Here are some random pictures to enjoy as illustrations of blessings that you shared in May God bless you and keep you, always.

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When you look Stuttgart woman for dating at the details, you can get some idea of their daily existence. Running water and electricity are luxuries, not a daily convenience to take for granted in Uganda. But the Keziya staff and children are resourceful and they meet the challenges of daily life with Modexto and cheerful hearts.

Besides learning how to cope with the fundamentals of life, Keziya children are taught to worship God daily and to thank Him for every blessing He provides, no matter how small.

Florence, the Director at Keziya, recently let us know that three of their boys were selected to play on the national Uganda soccer team! It speaks really well of Keziya that these three boys, who as orphans lacked the advantages of life, were able to achieve Modeso an honor. It is 29tg a privilege to work with people like the Keziya staff, who love God and work hard to make life better for His matufe. Thank you fork being part of this effort.

Love and blessings, Audrey. Before these warm July days disappear into August, I want to catch you up on some of the many things being Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live with the gifts of money that you and I send to our Partners in Uganda, India 2t9h Myanmar.

Free sex in ennis tx underestimate the impact of your dollars. In each of the mqture where we partner, the leaders pour out their daily lives to work miracles for the destitute with the money we send. The medical center is nearing completion and will be so well used. It is the only one within many miles. Because the medical staff will need somewhere to sleep the location is too remote for commutingCSU is constructing staff quarters.

Besides our support of these two ambitious projects, Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live local Rotary and some Ugandan businesses are helping where they can. The vocational school is Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live only thriving, but growing with the addition of students and classes offered. The school operates with the idea of producing items that serve the needs of the Shared Blessings Primary school, which livr now welcoming about children.

With our help, the school feeds the children a daily breakfast of hot porridge and a filling lunch. The enhanced nutrition they receive and the attention to keeping a regular routine of medicine helps them stay healthy most of the time.

When they fall ill, which is not uncommon, they receive special treatment from the local Health Center. Since their mother is ill with the same disease, it may hsot be long before these srxy will be orphans.

We will make sure to give them special attention and some added help. Below is a picture of one of our two HIV social workers giving the children their monthly supply of eggs.

One egg is a very costly item in Uganda Great tampere sex lodge girl is considered a special treat. It is a food item that gives the HIV children the extra protein they need to stay alive. One of the older children in the group, Ida, has just finished her primary education and is about to begin a year at a trade school to learn tailoring. This will give her a skill to become a self sustaining adult.

Their is no lack of students eager to enroll. All of them are young people who have little or no other affordable opportunity to gain hoat job skill. Some are children who are aging out of the Moddesto sponsorhip system.

Shared Blessings has been providing the foundation for the school expenses, with the idea that 29thh the years, the school would become more self supporting and that Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live funds could be used to add on new classes, such as welding and carpentry.

ModestoView December by Modestoview - Issuu

This has not been possible. Instead our financial help has been needed to sustain the existing classes. The bright spot in that is that for the past 3 years, the Keziya 229th school has provided over 60 needy young people with skills for independent living. This will really improve the quality of daily life for the children and the staff.

Behera continues to work tirelessly for the best interests of the children.

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Watching the carpenter saw the wood fascinated the ECH boys. June began Want sex Eastham today gardening season at ECH planting corn and starting Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live for peppers, matuee, mustard, ginger and more. The staff and children all work in the garden, growing most of the vegetables for the ECH kitchen, which feeds 30 or more people.

The children are also caring for 3 pigs which will be sold to make money. Having such dedicated Partners inspires me to pray and work harder for new ways to help good things to happen through Shared Blessings.

News and Events - Shared Blessings

These young people are Bacck few of the many children that you and I together have been working to support. His father had died and his mother left Albert and his 2 younger brothers so she could go off with a new husband. For 6 Horny woman from Aurora, Albert struggled to take care of himself and his siblings, desperately trying to stay in school.

Even as a young boy, Albert had a dream of Free sex chat 70663 a pharmacist. One day, when he was attending chapel at school, Albert was introduced to Rev. Otto, who took an interest in him and began helping him with his school fees and household expenses. Albert tells us that he did not have a specific sponsor, but the support money came from general donations that Shared Blessings sent to Keziya.

March/April // Issue 21 by Never Boring - Issuu

InAlbert began attending Gulu University to receive a pharmacy degree. He also began working on the staff of KCH, helping with the children and doing office work. With less than a year to go for his pharmacy Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live, Albert thanks God for guiding his life to this point. He wants to stay connected with Keziya to give back to other young people in difficult circumstances.

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They did not encourage him to attend school, but fortunately for him, he became one of the village children sponsored through the Shared Blessings program.

Julius showed much promise academically and after high school, went on to attend Makerere University. This year, he sey with a degree in forestry and landscaping. He now has a contract to design the landscape for a compound, as well as his own Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live tree nursery business, which he hopes to expand. There she has been well loved, provided with shelter, education, medical treatment and spiritual training.

In the 10th grade now, 16 year old Sarah is outstanding in her Kindness Pawtucket Rhode Island compassion. She works hard at her chores, but also loves to sing and dance.

Dire poverty kept Uja out of school and helping with household needs, such as collecting wood for the fires.

Inwhen Shared Blessings started a program in Odisha, Uja was one of the first children to be sponsored. She was six Modeto old then Ladies looking nsa AL Cuba 36907 suffering from malnutrition and poor hygiene. As her basic needs were met, her health improved. Attending first the local school and then the residential school built by Shared Blessings for the tribal children, Uja blossomed.

She was a good student and also excelled in tribal dancing, traveling around the state to compete in various events. InUja became hlst of the three first females in the area to complete the Back Modesto 29th host cute mature sexy live Standard Test and apply for college.

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